After an almost dry spell throughout the month of June, the rain gods finally seem to have blessed us with heavy rainfall. Monsoon showers may appear as a relief but it also makes us extremely vulnerable to diseases and infections owing to reduced immunity power. This is precisely the reason why you must take special care of your skin, hair and dietary needs.

With bacteria and viruses lurking in the air, you have to be extremely cautious about the kind & quality of food you consume. Well, here’s a quick guide on the food items to turn away from, this monsoon:

Roadside Eatables – The tangy flavors of Pani-puri, Pakoras, Samosas, Vada-pav, Bhel-puri, Sev-puri, Dahi-puri etc. is something that we all love. These roadside treats, although absolutely irresistible, are extremely unhygienic. You never know what kind of water is used for the preparation of such food items. If Chaat is what you love, try making it at home with healthy ingredients and toppings.

Juices – Fresh fruit juices are always regarded as healthy hence many people end up at the street vendors who offer freshly squeezed juices but fail to maintain required level of hygiene. Packaged juices are an absolute ‘No-No’ because they are not fresh but preserved. If you have an intense craving for fresh fruit juices, prepare it at home and drink immediately.

Raw food – ‘Salad lovers’ beware. Any kind of food when consumed in its raw state especially during the monsoon can be a vehicle for transporting harmful bacteria. You can very easily fall prey to food infection and serious ailments such as typhoid, jaundice etc. Always make sure that you wash fruits & vegetables thoroughly before consuming them

Sea food – Monsoon is the breeding time for fishes, crabs and prawns, therefore all kinds of seafood should be strictly avoided as most of them that are sold in the market are frozen and not fresh. If you are one of those who just can’t survive without seafood, double check to see if they are fresh.

Spicy food –Not many of you would be aware of the fact that spicy food can aggravate skin allergies.

Yes, it’s true! Spicy food stimulates blood circulation and raises body temperature which in turn triggers skin irritation, allergies and diseases. It can also lead to the development of boils, pimples, acne, rashes and dullness. So, if you love your skin, say ‘No’ to spicy food during monsoon.

Dairy Products have a very high tendency to be infected by germs. Although milk is said to be a wholesome diet, it is definitely not advisable to drink too much of it during monsoon. Instead go for low fat milk, curd and buttermilk.

Always remember… Moderation in all things is the key to good health.

Have a safe and healthy monsoon

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