Monsoon has always been considered as a blessing especially because it provides extreme relief from the sweltering summer heat but what’s disappointing is the fact that this season is also accompanied by various diseases and infections, most of which are water & food-borne. Unhygienic, polluted & dirty surroundings pave way for the growth of viral, bacterial & fungal infections that affects the skin, respiratory & digestive system. Food Safety is essential not just during monsoon but throughout the year. The best way to preserve health during monsoon is by consuming the right food items and staying away from the wrong ones. Take a look at some of the most important Food Safety Tips for Monsoon:

Consume fresh and properly cooked food. Always opt for home cooked food. Avoid eating at a restaurant. Fruits & Vegetable Salads can boost immunity levels hence it is best when consumed during this season but ensure that you have the ones that are freshly cut and hygienically served. Never buy eatables from roadside vendors as they can easily be infested with dust, dirt & contagious bacteria.

Make it a habit to wash your hands before indulging in food preparation. If you are unwell refrain from cooking food for others. You may end up serving them a plate full of viral infections with a germ-infested meal

Food poisoning from E- coli, salmonella or other contaminants are very common during monsoon. Cooked food should always be refrigerated as soon as it reaches the room temperature. Leftover food items have to be consumed at the earliest in order to prevent fungus growth. Get rid of food items that are moldy, discolored or decayed

Fried & fatty food items can appear to be very tempting in monsoon and could easily add to your weight, hence make sure that you are determined enough to resist these temptations by opting for healthy food stuff. Freshly brewed soups, lentils, corn, chickpeas and oats are some of the healthiest food items to be consumed during rainy season. Include more of protein rich foods in your diet.

Make sure that you place raw meat & eggs away from rest of the food items in your refrigerator. Sometimes the juices of raw meat drip causing cross contamination.  Always use good-quality, airtight containers to store food within or outside the refrigerator. Food items should not be exposed in an open environment for long as it attracts bugs.

Include more of pepper, garlic, ginger, jeera powder, coriander and turmeric in your daily recipes. These seasoning ingredients reduce indigestion and improve the immune system.

Drink plenty of water but make sure it comes from a trusted source. Boiled, filtered & packaged water should be preferred. Also ensure that your water filter at home/office is periodically cleaned.

Heavy rainfall brings with it a pleasant atmosphere which seems to be perfect for enjoying a hot beverage. Do not consume more than 2 cups of Tea or Coffee in a day. It may cause acidity problems.

Follow these guidelines to stay safe & healthy, this Monsoon

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