People with diabetes can develop many complications including several foot problems. Even ordinary complaints can rapidly worsen and lead to serious complications. If this happens to the feet, it may result in deformity, disability or even amputation. However, the good news is that with regular visits to the doctor and proper foot care, most of these problems can be prevented.

What Happens To The Feet In Diabetes?

Usually in diabetics the nerves get numb, so one often fails to notice injury as there is no pain felt. The sense of temperature is also lost, therefore, one might not feel hot water or hot tiles while walking bare feet. Feet may get deformed, altering the mechanics of weight bearing, thus, exposing the areas of the feet to abnormally high pressures which results in breakdown of the skin.

Furthermore, the wound healing mechanisms are also affected, leading to prolonged time in healing of the wounds. Adding to the problem is the fact that 20% of diabetics with foot problems have narrowed or blocked blood vessels in their feet. This further impairs the healing process as adequate blood flow is required for healing any wound.

What Should I Do If I Am A Diabetic With Foot Problem?

  • Clean the wound with dilute Savlon or Dettol
  • Cover the wound with sterile gauze
  • Check your blood sugar levels
  • Make sure your affected foot does not get wet. Use plastic bag to cover the foot
  • Contact your doctor or immediately and/or seek an appointment with the Diabetic Foot Clinic

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