With the end of the year coming near, you’re back with the pen and paper, curating an endless list of new year’s resolutions. This time, why not make health and fitness your priority? Work towards making 2017 your healthiest year yet! Explore ways to boost your health and well-being, and be an inspiration to others around you. Here’s a how you can get started:

Take A Look Inward

The first step to making honest resolutions is to acknowledge your current health and fitness levels. Find out where you lack, be it terms of exercising too little or not being able to control sugar intake. Be true to yourself about what you’d like to improve or get rid of.

Devise a Plan

Just making vague resolutions like ‘lose weight’ or ‘eat healthy’ isn’t going to be of any use. You can work with a nutritionist or your doctor to pinpoint the exact ways you have to get going to achieve your goal.


Once you’ve made a promise to yourself, don’t let it go. Stay true to your word and work towards achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Here are some holistic fitness resolutions you can make:

Touch Your Toes

Setting an exact performance goal may help you stay more motivated compared to a weight-loss goal. For example, an aim to do 10 pull-ups, or touching your toes, can create a good shift from focusing only on weight-loss to performance improvement. Think of a goal that would really motivate you, and a goal that you can enjoy the process as you strive for it.

Find An Exercise Buddy

Working out with a friend allows for a little friendly competition and increased accountability. Choose goals together and get to work. It’s always a little easier when you know someone is rooting for and waiting for you at the gym or exercise class.

Oral Care

Go beyond the regular resolution of brushing twice a day, to including floss into your daily oral care regime. Take an additional effort to speak to your dentist about the importance of genetics in dental health. Like cancer and diabetes, oral health is also influenced by genetics. Hence, it will be beneficial to know where you stand and what possible risks you may face in the future.

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Be Strict About Sleep

If there’s one thing that can improve all branches of your health, it’s sleep. Make a vow to let your body have sound sleep for at least 6 hours every single night. The best way to achieve this goal is by exercising every day, avoiding long naps, and steering clear of alcohol, tobacco and heavy dinners.

Go Easy on your Mind

Year after year we burden our head with unnecessary thoughts and stress. From January 1, 2017, spare one entire minute each day to evaluate the present. Think about things you are grateful for at that very moment, and don’t let your thoughts jog back to the past or run towards the future. Include mindful thinking into your resolution list without fail!

Protection and Prevention

Protect yourself from general injuries or diseases by always being one step ahead. For example, reduce your chances of head injuries while riding by wearing a helmet, or protect your skin from UV ray damage by applying sunscreen every day etc. There is an abundance of little precautionary measures you can take to prevent diseases and dangers to your health.

Keep A Check

You’re the master of your own body, and it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is working just fine. This year, make sure to sign up for health check-ups, take necessary vaccinations or screenings to keep yourself up-to-date about your health.

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Do a kitchen cleanse

Throw away unhealthy products (chips, granola bars, sodas) from your kitchen and fridge. Then restock with healthier options, like carrots and dry fruits. Make it a habit to keep your kitchen filled with nutritious food that will encourage everyone to stop and take a bite.

Sustainable resolutions do exist, and even better, they can help you build the foundation for a long, healthy, happy life. So, go on, make yourself a fruitful new year’s resolution list!

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