It’s that time of the year when watery splashes and powdered colors seem to be a common sighting across the country.

Did you know…?

In olden days, Holi was played with vegetable colors but these days most kinds of water colors & pastes contain toxic compounds (used in the base of engine oils) that can easily trigger acute skin allergies as well as temporary blindness.

Lack of knowledge and information about synthetic colors is one of the prime reasons that trigger hair & skin problems post Holi celebrations. Chemical and metallic colors are health hazards and highly capable of causing skin and hair allergies. Instead of using colors that contain harmful chemicals, you can opt for natural colors such as henna, turmeric, marigold flowers, tomatoes and tea leaves for a safe and skin-friendly Holi.

Soak in the colors of Holi, but before you do that, spare a few minutes to think about the effect of colors on your skin and hair.

Safe colors are duly certified by relevant authorities and carry all product information clearly on the product packaging. Red & Pink colors come off easily as compared to Green, Orange or Purple which are gaudy colors and contain harsh chemicals.

Chemical colors can cause severe damage to the skin. Apply a generous proportion of Vaseline or Mustard/Olive/Coconut oil to the exposed areas of your skin before and after Holi celebrations. It acts as a protective shield and guards the skin to some extent from the damaging effects of synthetic colors. Do not forget to apply a good quality moisturizer to your face before stepping out. If you are planning to go for a short haircut, a few days before Holi could be the best time to get that perfect makeover

Drink plenty of water to replenish the skin which tends to become dry after coming in contact with the toxins used in artificial colors. Wear long sleeved tops and full length bottoms to protect your skin.

Get a relaxing head massage with a good quality hair oil. Oiling the hair prevents Holi colors from sticking on to the strands thereby reducing hair damage. Apart from this precautionary measure, it would also be a good idea to cover up your hair with a scarf, cap, hat or bandana just to offer extra protection from colors that contain hard-to-rinse dyes. Avoid keeping your hair open while playing with colors.

For removing these colors it is best to use a mild cleanser as compared to soaps which can trigger dryness or skin irritation

Do not apply make up while playing Holi as the colors can easily stick with cosmetics and cause subsequent skin damage.

Try not to undergo any cosmetic procedure for atleast 7-10 days after Holi if the color remains on the skin.

Every year, Holi gives us colorful memories to cherish for a lifetime. These precautionary measures will ensure that your hair and skin remain unharmed during & after the celebrations.

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