Have you been delaying your regular treatment? Has a family member postponed his/her elective surgery due to COVID? Do you think twice before visiting a doctor for non-COVID problems?

COVID-19 is here to stay for some time, it is time for all of us to accept the “new normal” and access timely medical help as and when required. It is time to live life Above and Beyond COVID-19. Medical care is not a luxury but a necessity of life. Imagine a world without safe access to medical emergency services! This would lead to disastrous results and will cause more harm than COVID-19 itself.

Over the last few months, while India was under complete lockdown medical facilities across the country were overwhelmed with a deluge of coronavirus infections and many patients with non-COVID illnesses struggled to get timely medical care. 

Our team at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital believes that “Your safety is our concern, your health our priority”. We proved this in these testing times and our team continued to work during the lockdown. Our team of healthcare experts has gone beyond their call of duty to ensure that patients receive the best medical care even during the lockdown. Our medical services did not pause in the lockdown. Here is a list of medical care attended to during the lockdown (from 24 March to 30 June):

  • 3100 Chemotherapy sessions
  • 6111 Radiation therapy sessions
  • 408 Cancer surgeries
  • 102 Children’s Heart surgeries
  • 530 Adult cardiac procedures
  • 105 Neurosurgeries
  • 1000 New patients from other parts of India
  • 5 Organ Transplants
  • 2148 Home Blood Collections
  • 1222 complex surgeries
  • 15,280  OPD consultations
  • 7500 Dialysis sessions
  • 5010 Online consultations

We are your safe space

Don’t delay your regular treatment because of the pandemic. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital follows exhaustive, globally benchmarked safety protocols for screening, disinfection, infection control, and surgery. Here are some steps taken by our hospital to ensure your safety:

Thermal screening at entry:
All employees, visitors, and patients are screened for fever

Infection control

  • Universal masking policy
  • Appropriate and adequate PPE for staff
  • Regular disinfection of hospital floor, surfaces, elevators, and high-touch surfaces
  • FDA-approved hand sanitizers

Complete segregation of COVID testing and treatment areas

  • Entrance and exit
  • Dedicated ICU, OTs and wards
  • Negative pressure air-handling unit
  • Staff, catering services, laundry, and waste disposal

Comprehensive COVID screening

  • Testing for patients before planned surgery
  • Separate designated waiting area for results to prevent accidental transmission

Social distancing and zero crowding

  • Visiting hours suspended
  • OPD appointments staggered
  • Only one relative per patient in outpatient and inpatient departments

Don’t delay your regular treatment. Reach out to our experts for all your healthcare concerns. Call us on 022-42696969 for Appointments and 022-42699999 for Emergency services. We are your safe space. To find out more visit www.kokilabenhospital.com

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