No one is immune to stress. Fast paced lifestyle and the pressure of doing too much in too little time results in stressful situations which can easily trigger multiple health problems. If you are tensed, strained or hassled, take corrective measures to deal with your problem, instead of letting it affect your health. Here are a few stress management tips for better health:

Have a Good Laugh – Family & Work related responsibilities are a part & parcel of our life. Stressing too much about them will only add to the trauma thereby affecting your mental & physical health. Make humor your best friend and laugh more often. Laughter is known to increase endorphins released by the brain, ease tension within the body, fight anxiety, uplift your mood and reduce depression.

Plan your day ahead – Time management has proven to be extremely effective in reducing the stress in your everyday life. Planning a schedule not only makes your day productive but also acts as a motivation to get through the day. In an attempt to keep up with the daily schedule your mind will automatically overlook depressive thoughts

Get Moving – Any form of exercise is known to stimulate the production of feel-good brain chemicals and reduce the count of stress hormones. Moreover it also helps in keeping your body toned which in turn improves your self-confidence. Swimming, Biking, Walking, Running, Aerobics, Zumba, Power yoga and Gym workouts are different kinds of physical activity that will keep you occupied and away from stress.

Get a Pet – Research studies have proven the fact that spending time with pets not only improves your mood but actually benefits the overall health. It is believed that petting a dog/cat promotes the production of feel-good hormones like prolactin, serotonin & oxytocin, and reduces the amount of damaging stress hormones.

Hum your favorite tune – Studies indicate that singing can alter your mood and bring in positivity in your thoughts. In addition to reducing your stress levels, this habit is also known to benefit your breathing, heart and immune system. So the next time you are stressed out, simply turn up the music system and start singing

Find a Hobby –Having a hobby can not only avoid the damaging effects of stress but also help you achieve a well-balanced lifestyle. There is evidence to prove that indulging in different kinds of leisure activities keeps a person mentally alert & active and can actually delay Alzheimer’s disease to some extent.

Do not bring your office into your home – Avoid doing your office work at home. Your home should be treated as a place where you unwind & relax after a hard day’s work. If you continue to work at home after an 8 hour shift at the office, it will not only impact your physical health but also take a toll on your mental well-being.

Everyone wants to live a stress-free life. All you have to do is strike a perfect balance between your personal & professional life. Make enough time for yourself and your family. Take a break from your hectic schedule, once in a while to chill out with your loved ones

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