Exams are finally done with and as parents, this is the perfect time to plan a summer vacation but wait…. Aren’t you forgetting something …?

Before packing your favorite outfit and additional accessories, take a minute and give some thought to stuffing a few summer safety essentials which could be much more useful for a happy journey.

A mouth-watering dish can be put together by using several ingredients; similarly a great summer vacation too can be arranged only after taking many factors into consideration. While travelling it is very important to ensure that you & your family take all necessary health precautions in order to avoid any unpleasant incidents that may arise during the trip.

  • Drink Water – Always stay hydrated while travelling. Make sure you keep a bottle of water handy. Drink boiled water or opt for packaged mineral water that is purchased from an authentic store. Some packaged water could also be tampered therefore take necessary precautions to avoid unwanted health issues.
  • You can never be safe from food borne infection because they are everywhere. By making smart food choices, you can keep such illnesses at bay. Roadside vendors and Restaurant food could be prepared in unhygienic conditions paving way for bacteria to enter your body. Be very selective while ordering food from various eatery hang outs. Non-vegetarian food should be consumed in moderation as such eatables could easily decay due to poor storage facility at certain restaurants. Some sea foods are known to spread hepatitis and other food-borne diseases
  • If you are travelling with kids and/or senior citizens, do not forget to carry their medications. Also keep your doctor’s phone number handy, just in case you need some important medical advice during an emergency. Accompanying a safety box that includes antiseptic liquid/lotion, Band-Aid, medicated cotton, cough syrup, prescription meds and such important items could prove to be very helpful in time of sudden medical emergency. Keep healthy snacks handy to satisfy those untimely hunger pangs.
  • While heading to beaches or outdoor locales, (where you may have to endure constant sun exposure) always apply a sunscreen and protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. Also keep your hair tied up and cover it up with a scarf or hat. Direct exposure to UV rays from the sun could not only damage the skin but also leave a negative impact on your hair. Prevent Heat exhaustion by sipping water every few minutes.
  • It is always recommended to be up to date with your routine vaccinations so as to protect yourself from infections and outbreaks that may be prevalent in certain parts of the country. In order to get vaccinated, get in touch with your general physician or visit: https://www.kokilabenhospital.com/ to know more about Travel Vaccinations.
  • If you are planning to indulge in strenuous physical activities or sports, make sure to not over exert yourself by pushing the body above its limits. Extreme physical exertion without sufficient amount of rest can have a negative impact on the body, making you feel sick and lethargic. Also maintain your energy levels by limiting the intake of calorific/fat/sugar laden foods. Keep your alcohol intake to bare minimum.
  • Do not compromise on your sleep and maintain a high level of personal hygiene. Go slow on your smoking habits

As you chill out & relax at a fun trip, these important tips will ensure the safety of your loved ones give you peace of mind Have a Happy Journey!

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