New Delhi: It is said, true friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Gerdi McKenna’s friends stand testimony to this. In February 2014, one of her friends wrote an e-mail to all her friends requesting a photoshoot for Gerdi who was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before. You are already going ‘aww’, right? But wait, this was no ordinary photoshoot.

The soul-stirring video ‘Anything for love …’ captures every beautiful moment of this photoshoot, which looks nothing short of a convivial champagne brunch. Laughs, hugs, pink t-shirts and ribbons – hardly what you’d expect at a photoshoot for a friend diagnosed with cancer.

“Okay girls, show time,” announces a man. You expect the photoshoot to start but there’s something else lined up before that, and this is what makes these friends the world’s best set of best friends.

“I am very nervous but I know this is the right thing to do. I am giving up my pride for a friend who is going through much more,” says a friend.

This heart-warming video is sure to make you weep.


Article from: NDTV

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