Do you fall ill at the onset of winter season?

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed when it’s cold outside?

If yes, then let me tell you, you’re not the only one to feel this way!

Winter has long been associated with sickness. Seasonal changes are accompanied with several bacterial infections which is why necessary steps should be taken to safeguard your health. Even though you may feel like chilling out & enjoying the weather during the colder months, make sure you do not neglect your health in the process.

Breeze through this season and keep those winter health woes at bay with these simple tips:

Take good care of your Immune system – Fill-up your grocery bag with lots of fresh fruits & veggies, especially those that are rich in Vitamin A, C & E. If your immune system is strong enough, it becomes easier to combat many infection & illnesses.

Make it a point to get your daily dose of exercise but don’t go overboard – Physical exertion is known to release the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ in the body, which is known to weaken the immune system. If you workout daily in moderation, it will not only boost your blood circulation and energy levels but also help you shed those extra kilos

Get into the habit of washing your hands frequently – This habit could easily prove to be one of the most effective ways of preventing diseases, especially the ones that are contagious. Always carry & use a hand sanitizer while visiting public places.

Wear warm clothes – Cover-up your body the moment you feel cold. Don’t wait till you start shivering. It is recommended to wear, gloves, socks, scarves, woolen hat and/or anything that keeps your body warm & comfortable.

Limit the intake of caffeinated drinks like Tea & Coffee – It is extremely common for people to prefer hot drinks when it’s cold outside. Tea & coffee may successfully give your body the required warmth but these beverages also contain caffeine which has a diuretic effect that draws water out of your body. Keep yourself hydrated at all times

Get plenty of sleep – When you are asleep, the body releases certain chemicals into your system which is known to benefit the immune system. In the absence of adequate sleep, your immune system takes a serious hit, making you more vulnerable to minor ailments like cold & flu.

Take special care of your skin – Harsh winter winds can be devastating for your skin, making it dull, dry & cracked. Always keep your skin moisturized. It is best to avoid bathing with extremely hot water as doing so can take away the natural moisturizers from the skin. A chapstick/lip-balm can keep your lips looking fresh & luscious

Do not ignore the sunscreen – Summer season is not the only time to worry about Ultra-violet rays. You might be surprised to know that skin damage could happen during the winter season too. Slather on some sunscreen before you venture outdoors and yes, do not forget to put on your sunglasses

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