Epilepsy At KDAH

Nov 17th, 2019

Centre for Epilepsy at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai has a rare combination of the best Epilepsy Doctors EEG experts and most experienced Epilepsy Surgeon under one roof to care for both, children and adults with fits or seizures. We offer both, basic care for easy to treat epilepsy patients and advanced care for the more difficult patients with uncontrolled epilepsy.

A correct diagnosis of epilepsy and accurate identification of the epileptic firing focus in the brain is important for proper treatment. This is possible possible by a test called continuous Video EEG monitoring. In this test, and the EEG are studied by continuous recording of both EEG and the video of the patient.

Most patients with epilepsy can be treated with medicines. Many new medicines are available with very little side effects.

In some patients seizures may continue despite two or three medicines. In such patients, surgery may be done to control or cure the seizures. Kokilaben Hospital has facilities for high quality brain scanning (3 Tesla MRI with functional imaging, PET and ictal SPECT) facilities. We also have an MRI machine in the operation theatre, and intraoperative brain monitoring so that the surgeon can check soon after the surgery whether he has completely removed the abnormal area that is causing the fits. This makes complete epilepsy cure a reality for many patients.

Kokilaben Hospital is planning an awareness programme on Sunday Dec 1 2019, to inform general public about epilepsy. It will be held between 9 am to 1 pm at the Convention center of the hospital on the 6th floor. All are welcome, no registration fee. Contact Sleta at 8108630154

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