The pleasant climate with the occasional showers makes you crave for some delicious food items. You may feel that now the hot humid days are gone and it is time to relish some savoury foods. You may be yearning for a plate full hot of fried snacks with your evening cup of tea and wouldn’t mind binging on some street food. Sadly, that is far from true. Monsoon is not a season to enjoy heart meals. It is a season filled with infections and diseases. It is important to eat healthy and nutritious meals and stay away from outside foods. Roadside food or meals prepared with low hygiene can hamper your health.

Listing below some precautions to take while relishing food this monsoon :

  • Fresh fruits and their juices may look harmless to you. They are a strict no as vendors have fruits cut up well in advance, which could have come in contact with contaminated air. Always choose fresh juices prepared at home and consume it instantly.
  • Fried food is one of the food items you should absolutely avoid this rainy season. The highly humid monsoon weather causes gastronomical complications like bloating and stomach upset. So as tempting as they look, avoid relishing that spread of pakodas, samosas and kachodi.
  • The next food item is the popular roadside chaat especially the golgappas. The water used may be contaminated with bacteria which can cause severe infection. In fact this is a very common reason of many upset stomachs and food poisoning.
  • Salty foods items are best avoided or eaten in moderation. Consuming too much salt could lead to fluid retention and other uneasy and harmful things such as sluggishness, unnecessary hunger pangs and feeling weighed down. Things may get spoiled further if you are a cholesterol and heart patient.
  • The rains may make you very hungry and you might want to fill yourself with a heavy meal. Surprisingly, it is best to stay light this season. The joy of eating that comforting plate of roadside chola bhatura will only be momentary because of a vulnerable digestive system in the rains.
  • Do not forget to maintain your personal hygiene this season. Eating meals with dirty unwashed hands may spread many germs, always use anti-bacterial solution or soap before every meal.
  • The last in our list, yet the most important of all is contaminated water. Monsoon diseases are mostly waterborne, hence the caution. Always ensure that your water should either be purified or boiled. Ice from non-distilled water, kulfis and golas should be completely avoided.

Avoiding outside food limits your exposure to many germs which may lead to stomach infections. During monsoon it is advisable for the health of your family to have healthy meals. Precaution is always better then cure. Hoping you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy monsoon. Eat healthy and be safe ! In case of any stomach related monsoon ailments please feel free to contact our Gastroenterology department listed below:

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