Watching your parents grow older is a challenging part of life. Seeing your loved ones who were once young and active, ageing and facing issues of old age can be a cause of concern. Getting older does has its own share of health complications, such as wrinkles, memory loss, grey hair, slower mobility or more complex health disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s or cardiac ailments. However, instead of feeling anxious it is time to equip your loved ones with essential healthy living tips that makes them strong enough to prevent or reduce the risk of illness and injury. Simple changes in the everyday lifestyle can help them stay strong, happy, and healthy.

Healthy aging tips for Seniors

Your mental and physical health has a significant impact on your quality of life, and while some changes are out of your control, there are certain things you can do to ensure you’re aging gracefully. Follow these healthy living tips:

  • Exercise regularly
    Your chance of developing chronic diseases and health problems including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more can be lowered by engaging in regular exercise. It can elevate your mood and enhance your mental health. Exercise helps increase your general strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Exercises such as weight training, walking, cycling, and yoga are all excellent ways to stay active.
  • Get enough sleep 
    Getting enough sleep boosts your immune system, enhances your cognitive function, reduces your risk of developing chronic diseases, and helps maintain a healthy weight. Elderly people are advised to receive about eight hours of high-quality sleep each night.
  • Eat healthy
    Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is essential, especially for older persons over the age of 65. It can help you receive the nutrition you need, maintain a healthy weight, and stay motivated. Here are some recommended foods to include:
    • Have rainbow coloured fruits and vegetables
    • Foods rich in Fiber
    • Foods with high Calcium
    • Protein-rich foods
  • Mental health care
    Your total well-being depends on prioritizing your mental health, and this is especially true as you age. People endure many challenging things as they age, including the death of loved ones, health troubles, financial difficulties, and loneliness. Some easy tips for self-care include:
    • Sleep well
    • Stay connected with family and friends
    • Solve puzzles like Sudoku/ Crosswords
    • Continue reading
  • Preventive healthcare
    Regular check-ups and screenings are an essential part of preventative care for several reasons. Your doctor can discuss your risk factors and suggest essential health checkups. During your checkups, it’s crucial to pay attention to:
    • Blood pressure
    • Cholesterol screening
    • Cardiac Checkup
    • Cancer screening
    • Age-specific immunizations
  • Seniors should do what they love
    Doing things people love will help them feel better and experience increased energy, better sleep, and overall mood improvement. Seniors should pursue lost hobbies or learn a new skill they enjoy. Additionally, spending time with family and friends regularly will keep them happy.
  • Prevent falls
    Falls are the leading source of fatal injuries for people aged 65+. Maintaining a healthy and balanced weight becomes vital as you age. A fit body helps preserve your mobility which enhances the possibilities of doing things as long as feasible.

Geriatric care at Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital

We are committed to provide integrated health care services to senior citizens at our hospital to help them lead better and fulfilling lives. Your family history and lifestyle determines how you age and plays an important role in determining your risk of certain medical conditions. Doctors at our Geriatric Clinic are trained to provide the best possible medical care for senior citizens. We help you understand and manage existing health conditions and take steps to avoid complications. Know more about Special Geriatric Health Checkup Plans for senior citizens. For further information, visit the below link:

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