Diwali, the festival of lights is here! Diwali means delicious food, rangoli, lights, and a display of colourful fireworks. Are you looking forward for the festivities and family time? As you get busy in the celebrations it is also important to take some safety precautions. Many accidents take place during Diwali.

Did you know? These dazzling fireworks lead to thousands of emergency room visits each year during Diwali. They may cause serious injuries, some of which are irreversible. Firecrackers cause noise pollution as well as air pollution and they are best avoided. However, some families continue to burst firecrackers for their children. Here are a few ways to celebrate Diwali in a healthy and safe manner. As a responsible parent and citizen, you must ensure that everyone enjoys the festivities wholeheartedly and safely:

Firecracker safety

Here are a few safety tips recommended while handling firecrackers:

  • Store firecrackers in a closed box in a safe location, away from the reach of children.
  • Maintain a distance of an arm’s length while lighting firecrackers, and at least five metres while watching.
  • Make sure a responsible adult accompanies children bursting firecrackers.
  • Always light firecrackers in open spaces.
  • Keep buckets of water and blankets ready, in case a fire breaks out.
  • Keep small portable extinguishers handy for urgent use.
  • Make sure you buy fireworks from a licensed shop.
  • Discard used fireworks in a bucket of water. This saves people from unknowingly stepping on it.
  • Don’t burn firecrackers in crowded, congested places or narrow lanes.
  • Don’t light firecrackers on your hands.
  • Do not light firecrackers near electric wires or poles.
  • Avoid firecrackers with high decibel sounds.

This Diwali let us celebrate the festivities with care and caution towards the environment, towards other people as well towards pets also.

Diwali safety

Here are some additional safety tips:

1. Lamps/diyas: These can lead to accidental fires. Follow these safety rules:

  • Make sure you keep the lamps away from curtains and other inflammable objects.
  • Avoid lighting diyas or candles near electrical wiring.
  • Place lamps on the ground or on a flat surface.
  • Keep babies and pets away from diyas.
  • Keep doorways clear, so that small children don’t trip on diyas.

2. Clothing: Dress right for Diwali as well as while lighting firecrackers. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic material, as these can catch fire easily.
  • Choose comfortable cotton clothes.
  • Be cautious with dupattas and long sarees as these could brush against candles or lamps.
  • Dress up your children in comfortable cotton clothes, which are not too loose or flowy.

3. Food safety: Make sure that all your meals are prepared hygienically and are safe to eat. Here is what you can do:

  • Buy sweets and other snacks from reputed stores that maintain hygiene.
  • Avoid street food as much as possible.
  • Always keep your food covered.

4. Infants and elders: The noise pollution and the extreme smoke during Diwali may harm the elderly, pregnant women as well as infants. Follow these health tips:

  • Stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Avoid congested areas high in pollution.
  • Wear ear plugs if required.

In case of any untoward incident, please visit our Centre for Accident and Emergency. Call us on 022-30919191 for any assistance. Please find below link for more details:


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