Day 4 – Round 2 vs Akane Yamaguchi

We found out late last night that Saina would be first out on court 1. Fortunately everyone had a decent sleep as we only had to be on the 11am bus. After a good breakfast we were on the bus to the stadium, which fortunately didn’t get lost this time.

The normal routine went well and all in all there was no sign that things wouldn’t go Saina’s way today. Unfortunately, the beauty of sport is the unpredictable nature of physical competition. Today we were on the wrong side of that competition as things just didn’t seems to land for Saina. All the narrow calls and shuttles on the line went to the Japanese no. 2 ranked player.

Every loss is very disappointing, but as I said, that is sport. No-one can win everything. All you can do is move forward. So tomorrow we start again in preparation for Jakarta next week. Wipe the slate clean and focus on the next game.

I’ll hopefully be writing with more success next week.

Until then…

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